Monster Crafts was an eLearning application meant to teach teenagers and older children how to knit. We operated under the assumption that our users were completely new to knitting and started at a beginner level in terms of content. We also opted for a minimalistic UI design.

The site is composed of 3 separate modules that include visual and written lessons to accomodate people with different learning preferences. Each module ends with a brief multiple-choice quiz. When you first visit the site, only the first module is accessible. To unlock the next one, you must pass the current quiz, and so on.

Music: Sunday Rain by Cheel, from the YouTube Audio Library.

This mobile-friendly website was a group effort where I oversaw web development, as well UI design and project planning.

Production Team: Zana Omar, Tegan McGarthy, Shellie K. Wan, and Nicholas Patton.

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